My Whats So's and Evers

Saturday, September 06, 2003

OH my what a cool one
heaviest sleepfulness
reflectional kickback
microsoft strategetics
firefight spamblock
kari naumachia
pirated nonsensicality

That's more or less todays session... Lost another thing at AOE with Tanmay, Played Unreal Volley. Did ganesh visarjan and am sleeping late.

been some day....

Friday, September 05, 2003

pussy hypermetropia

(my cat sees only too far)
oh WOW

somnambulistic diplomatics

(Somnath and our ownbull's diplomacise, lol;) ) somnambulism is sleep walking, BTW
bush puppetries

they say tey have a new government in baghdad.... WOW
bsck to whacking
Havent recorded my past 30 or so whacks in here....

sexologic bomb
captain slaphappiest
sickening clubfoots