My Whats So's and Evers

Monday, September 08, 2003

narratively stackable
->:This is a story of a president, called Tom

sixsome adulterous
::who was dishonest; had 6 extramarital kids and a
::who had a wife, 6 kids and 6 mistresses

irrevealable databases
:: hell lot of gfs to worry about and keep secret.

wittified revolution
::He had a clever minister who went public with that news.

loquacious resignee
::Tom gave a speech, resigned and ran away to a forest.

hoariest moorlands
::Tom landed up in a deserted village; 1000 huts and no humans

bloodthirstiness motorcyclist
::Tom saw a vampire on a Honda, he picked a Harley Davidson

longilateral slips
::Tom kept trying to loose the vampire for 2 days in vain

nightrider stopovers
::Then at night, Toms bike went empty & the vampire ate him

stackable moralist
->:Moral:: Honda gives better mileage than Harley